Amazing -- someone reporting on what he learned in repeated visits to Iraq -- WITHOUT SPIN

Anthony Cordesman -- his report on what we might look ahead to is objective, analytical, and clear ... I'm impressed (hey, I never said I was objective)

His report:

The Tenuous Case for Strategic Patience in Iraq: A Trip Report

A sample of the way he tells it:


Everyone sees Iraq differently. As one leading US official in Iraq put it, “the current situation is like playing three dimensional chess in the dark while someone is shooting at you.” It is scarcely surprising that my perceptions of a recent trip to Iraq are different from that of two of my traveling companions and those of several other recent think tank travelers to the country...

Read the rest of the synopsis (and the entire report -- PDF file) at

He was on Washington Journal, CSPAN this morning (8/11) and the entire program, including callers (really worthwhile), etc should be posted by tomorrow -- 8/12 or Monday -- 8/13

I was especially impressed by his comments on the Biden "3 Countries Plan" which I really thought would be workable until I heard his explanation of why it wouldn't.

Amazingly refreshing to hear someone talk about something he actually knows -- and even more amazing, that something is Iraq's present and future situation.

Check it out.

It changed my opinionated mind -- not just about the Biden plan - it might prove enlightening for you, too.


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