President Bush -- maybe I've had him wrong all along

I had all the information, just couldn't put it together, so I went on saying the war was wrong, the conduct of it totally incompetent, etc.

I remember reading that he had run his father's re-election campaign, and blamed the loss on the fact that "the war didn't last long enough."

And I figured that's what he'd done, decided to keep one going but it got out of hand from Day One. After all, he'd fucked up every other thing he'd ever done in his life, failed at every business. So why not this time.

And I knew his father had faked out Saddam Hussein in order to get a US military base in the Middle East (remember the statement April Glaspie was instructed to make to Saddam concerning Kuwait? "We have no interest in Arab to Arab conflicts.")

So we built one in Saudi Arabia.

And when Osama ben Ladn came home from Afghanistan, he demanded money so he could take an army north into Iraq to kill Saddam Hussein since he was "a disgrace to Islam," that he allowed women to drive and run their own businesses, not wear the veil, allowed hotels to serve alcohol, etc..

They were ALWAYS blood enemies, NEVER allies.

And then, while home, he discovered that THEY (his family and the ruling class) ALLOWED the USA to put a military base on their sacred soil, he stormed out vowing to take THEM down, too.

Which had more than a little to do with the two attacks on the World Trade Center.

But I never connected those things with that famous Karl Rove goal of making a permanent Republican majority.

And now it SEEMS that the war hasn't been conducted incompetently.

The plan was ALWAYS to fuck it up so bad that we -- the USA -- would have to stay in Iraq for the next 50 years or more.

We have built maybe a dozen gigantic military bases in Iraq.

Permanent bases.

And Monkey Boy was successful in his goal to not "let the war end too soon."

We just didn't know what "too soon" meant to these people.

At least until 2050 at which time the rising oceans will change the situation.

Just like the comedy movie:

"We kill, we steal, we debase and corrupt everyone who comes in contact with us, we destroy families, pervert the patriotism of young men and women, cme down viciously on anyone who disagrees with us or gets in our way, and then we laugh and dance and fool around and sneer at all of them."

"What do you call yourselves?"

"We call ourselves 'The Aristocrats.' "

So, the little shit FINALLY succeeded at something -- fucking up the world badly enough to make his little totentanz the center of realpolitik attention for the next century.



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