Even Maliki sees what's coming

Iraq's Maliki met with Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and actually said things indicating that he believes Iran will be a positive influence in settling the hostilities,

Of course, the GOP/Lieberman fairy tale is that if we pull out of Iraq, the earth will crack on its axis and the two halves will spin out into space, one side to the dark and cold beyond Pluto, the other right into the flaming furnace of the sun.

Yeah, because they've been so right before, haven't they?

Here's what will much more likely happen:

We'll leave, the conflict will go on, Syria and Iran will come in AND STABILIZE IRAQ.

They live next door -- they do NOT want a raging civil war going on.

Iran is, of course, Shi'ia.

Syria is, of course, predominantly Sunni.

Each one will backstop on of the factions and THEN they'll work it out between them.

What terrifies this administration -- and so many of their jingoist death merchant pals -- is that IT WON'T BE ABOUT US. WE WON'T MATTER, except as the people who fucked it all up.

Bush is already pissed off that Maliki met with Iranian
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to talk about settling down the crazies.

President Monkey Boy is upset that, obviously, everyone in the Middle East considers HIM to be one of those crazies needed to be controlled.

As do some 7 out of 10 Americans.

What the Bush league is scared of is that things will work out much more simply once we're no longer there to stir things up.


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