Of course it's gonna be Huckabee

The sane people of Iowa realized this man was someone they actually liked.

And as absurd as I find his point of view -- anti-choice, anti-evolution, "I'm a Christian but I believe in killing my fellow man, as long as it's in Iraq" pro-war, etc -- I can't help liking him every time I see him.

There's something straight-on congenial and charming about the fellow, unlike Mitt Romney, the Evil Ken Doll who will forever blame his loss on "being Mormon," but he'll be wrong since Americans are generally "who gives a fuck what kind of Moonlight you believe in? You're a covert, calculating asshole and no one should trust you as far as they could throw you and your five sons."

And it won't be Rudy Giuliani, the man who happened to do his job as mayor after some insane motherfuckers killed a whole bunch of people.

And it won't be Fred "Too Clever By Half" Thompson who waited too long to bring his "I'm the Smiling version of Dick Cheney" act to the game.

It'll be Huckabee, a most likable fellow, even if he's if a "let's have a theocracy" visionary, and is actually more daft than Ron Paul (who is actually a very sane 'live your own life" Conservative, not a theocrat at all, and is ALSO quite likable fellow.)

It'll be Huckabee for the GOP, I think.

And that's sort of scary for people who want to change parties in the White House, because he's REALLY likable.


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