Matthew Broderick -- after his embarrasingly annoying performance in the movie of "The Producers" is reduced to portraying General David Petraeus

Matthew Broderick
Before the fall (it's that warily knowing look they wanted)

Matthew Broderick pretending to be General David Petraeus,
pursing his lips to make a point.


My ace buddy, Dick Lupoff asked the question some time ago -- "When does Petraeus become 'Betray-us?' "

And I thought it was a cute play on words but not very applicable since the Bush-leaguers told us over and over again that the man wasn't some political tool.

Delay-Us, maybe.

But Dick was right. And the formerly supposedly honorable professional killer did the bidding of Monkey Boy's masters:

From 9-07-07 NY Times:

Seeing Iraq Gains as Fragile, Petraeus Is Wary of Cuts

What a surprise, eh? It didn't work so we have to stay at nearly full force.

It would betray those who have given life and limb for a bogus cause to decide not to kill or maim more of our military people...


Bonus Riddle:

What did one lying sack of shit say to the other lying sack of shit?

"We've gotta stay the course."


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