Ahhh, Texas -- I miss the barbecue and ... uh ... I miss the barbecue

From Boing Boing

Teens desecrate grave to make pot pipe from skull

By David Pescovitz

These gents from Houston are charged with abuse of a corpse after they confessed to digging up a grave to make a pot pipe from the skull. Kevin Wade Jones, 17, was being questioned about a vehicle burglary when he confessed to desecrating the grave a month earlier. Apparently, he and Matthew Richard Gonzales, both 17, and another juvenile dug up the skeleton of an 11-year-old boy who died almost a century ago. I'd love to hear the conversation that led to such a brilliant idea. From the Houston Chronicle:  Photos 2008 05 08 11189310 311XinlinegalleryJones claimed he and his friends used shovels to dig up the body and removed the corpse's head with a garden tool, (Houston police officer Jim) Adkins said. Jones also revealed he and the other two boys took the severed head to the juvenile's home, where they used the skull as a "bong" to smoke marijuana, the officer said.

So, uhh, smoke 'em if you got 'em. I mean that 11-year old kid wasn't USING it, was he?


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