Another example of why satire is, if not dead, at least comatose

Flint, Mich., wants sponsors for police cameras

Jul 28th, 2008 | FLINT, Mich. -- You've heard of adopt-a-highway programs — but how about adopting a police camera?

That's how the city of Flint, Mich., wants to cover the $420,000 cost of adding 14 surveillance cameras. It currently has just one of the cameras.

The city and a private security firm, Asset Protection Specialist, are looking for businesses and individuals willing to pay $30,000 to have their names or corporate logos placed on one of the pole-mounted boxes, which also feature a police shield and a flashing blue light.

So far — no takers.


Information from: The Flint Journal,


Right -- watch for it in "COPS" --- the SWAT team leader turns and says, to the camera:

"The arrest and beat down you're about to see has been brought to you by Burger King's camera -- Burger King, where you get treated a lot better than you this perp can expect, and also by Grand Auto, whose camera picked up the perp's license plate -- Grand Auto for all your getaway car needs."


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