Joey Liebermann --Sonderkommando

Sonderkommando --term used to refer to a Jew in a Nazi death camp who would throw others (Jews, Gypsies, Political prisoners, etc) into the ovens in order to get extra food and one more day of life for themselves. They usually -- finally -- committed suicide.
Funny how a hypocritical sniveling self-serving man (using that term loosely) was supposedly very brave some 40+ years ago (Joey Liebermann was allegedly a Freedom Rider for Civil Rights in his youth) is willing to throw feces like some sort of craven ape on behalf of a man who was, in fact, VERY brave some 40+ years ago.

McCain withstood hideous torture and abuse to maintain his principles and loyalty while a POW in Vietnam. True, he HAD been dropping bombs on those people before they caught him, but that doesn't lessen the degree of his fortitude or bravery.

On the other hand, Little Joey was willing to betray all his compadres for fear of nothing more harmful than losing status.

Sen. Joe Lieberman... got some tough talk from Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois ... Obama and Lieberman greeted each on the Senate floor in the Well as they were voting on the budget resolution.

They shook hands. But Obama didn't let go, leading Lieberman - cordially - by the hand across the room into a corner on the Democratic side, where Democratic sources tell ABC News he delivered some tough words for the junior senator from Connecticut, who had just minutes before hammered Obama's speech before the pro-Israel group AIPAC in a conference call arranged by the McCain campaign.

The two spoke intensely for approximately five minutes, with no one able to hear their conversation. Reporters watched as Obama leaned closely in to Lieberman, whose back was literally up against the wall.

...Democratic sources tell ABC News that the conversation was a stern rebuke to Lieberman for his criticism of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee on the conference call, as well as a discussion about how far Lieberman is willing to go in his advocacy of McCain, and the tone of the campaign...

On the McCain conference call yesterday, Lieberman congratulated Obama "in securing the Democratic nomination and to express my own hope as a supporter of John McCain that this will be a civil and constructive campaign debate from here to November."

The only Orthodox Jew* in the U.S. Senate then criticized the White House hopeful's speech to the Jewish pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, saying, "I would say respectfully that I thought in this speech that there was a disconnect between things Senator Obama said today in particularly with regards to Iran and things that he has said or done earlier either in the campaign and senate. To be specific, I was troubled earlier in the year during the campaign season when Senator Obama referred to, I guess compared Iran and other rogue and terrorists states to the Soviet Union and minimized the threat represented by Iran. I think that is wrong."

Lieberman also criticized Obama for voting against an amendment he offered with Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., that designated Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group, and included other language that Obama said linked the war in Iraq to Iran in a way that troubled him. "Senator Obama opposed it saying it was saber rattling and referring to the possible threat of military force," Lieberman said. "But if you look at the Kyl-Liebermann Amendment as it was passed, it has none of that in it, regarding military action. I was hoping and I still hope that he will say that that vote was a mistake, and that he would support that resolution."

"Obama today argued that American foreign policy in recent years has essentially sort of strengthened Iran," Lieberman continued. "At one point, he almost seems to suggest that it helped to elect Ahmadinejad, and has made Israel less safe. I just disagree with that. Iran elected Ahmadinejad for their own reasons. If Israel is in danger today, it's not because of American foreign policy which has been strongly supportive of Israel in every way, it is not because what we have done in Iraq, it is because Iran is a fanatical terrorist, expansionist state and has a leader and a leadership that constantly threatens to extinguish the state of Israel."

"Its a difficult situation," Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, the Senate Democrats' Assistant Majority Leader and a major Obama backer, told reporters Wednesday, according to Roll Call. "Joe is my friend ... but I hope he doesn't become the lead attack dog. Of course it's a concern when someone in your Caucus is supporting the other party's candidate. Let's not try and sugarcoat it..."


*They keep calling him an "Orthodox Jew." So where's his beard? The man is an orthodox asshole.


Liebermann is someone all Jews wish was Protestant or Catholic, and not one more circumcised pissant that bigots can point to and say "So that's what a Jew is like."

No -- that's what a craven self-serving simpering little shit is like.

Sort of like Pat Robertson with a yarmulke.


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