Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech -- an EXCEPTIONALLY gracious speech...

... and the only thing that could have been added to really really convince us all would have been completing the de-nazification of her staff with a summary public execution (Vietnamese Police Chief style*) of Slime-Creature Terry McAuliffe


*for those younger than might remember from the time, there was the shocking color footage (and Eddie Adams' Pulitzer-Prize winning still photo) of National Police Chief ((South Vietnam) General Nguyen Ngoc Loan standing in the street with a supposed VC, blindfolded and with his arms tied behind his back, and simply, without fanfare, putting the .45 to his temple and blowing the man away. I have read that the general, in later years, owned a pizza parlor in Virginia until 1991 when his identity become known. He died of cancer in 1998


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