Enough bullshit about Senator Clinton not breaking the glass ceiling

She broke it -- shattered it into a thousand pieces.

Or 18 million pieces if you prefer.

She just DIDN'T WIN.

Of course there was sexism.
Racism too.

And both sides were busy stirring up one or the other.

But she did it.

She succeeded

She did not fail.

She just didn't win.

That's not the same thing.

No one will again need to ask if a woman could be president.

Women who run in the future will be evaluated, to some degree, against Senator Clinton and her positives and negatives.

But the question of suitability will not be based on the candidate being a woman.

That's over.

And I refuse to believe politically active women are stupid enough to vote for John McCain -- a man who believes women in the military should accept sexual harassment and rape as just part of the deal.

(I do believe journalists -- even the ones I like -- are stupid enough to think women might. But -- really -- their job is to gossip over a wide-scope media back fence. -- "Did you hear what that slut down the street did?" Whichever Hollywood slut they're currently using for pud-pulling...)

But McCain?

Would that he would show SOME of the courage TODAY that he did 40+ years ago.

So to hell with him.


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