They may say the Taliban thinks it's still the 16th century, but they seem to be more computer literate than John McCain

I guess it's true the world over -- you can always sell a product -- ANY product -- better if you have a catchy jingle.


KABUL -- The Taliban have created a sophisticated media network to undermine support for the Afghan government, sending threats by text message and spreading the militia's views through songs available as ring tones, according to a report released Thursday...

Many of the messages that have been distributed -- apparently not always directly produced by the Taliban -- come in the form of songs, religious chants and poetry that appeal to Afghan nationalism and Islamic pride.

Some of the tunes are available as ring tones for phones, and cassettes include songs such as Let Me Go to Jihad *, the report said. Some people reported that they kept the cassettes as a form of protection in case they were stopped by Taliban.

One poem — Death is a gift**, on Al Emarah — included the phrase, "I will not kiss the hand of Laura Bush."***


* Sung to the tune of Take Me to the River?


**It definitely might seem that way if you had to live in today's Afghanistan.


*** Hey -- even a stopped clock is right twice a day. The Taliban is despicable and anathema to everything I believe in, but I have to agree with THAT one specific sentiment, cute as a plush-toy though she may be.



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