McCain --- a vicious pathetic nasty piece of race-baiting shit that pretends to walk like some sort of a man and keeps telling us how wonderful he is for not having died 40+ years ago when the people he was trying to kill shot him down and captured him....

There are a lot of reasons to call him that --

-- his continual attack ads consisting of nothing more than lies, name-calling, and attitude when he SWORE he wouldn't do negative campaigning

-- continually lying about what he did and what he said only days or weeks before, when the record is there for all to see.

Or, meaning I need to show more compassion, just forgetting he said it.

-- His cheerful statements when he's parroting Obama's points, but rephrased as
"My friends, WE need to do this..."
"My friends, WE want to do that..." but never how...

And his self-congratulations for working on very positive bills and then voting against them, and/or campaigning against a particular bill but then taking credit for it when it passes.

But is there anyone who doesn't know that the repeated slam on Obama over and over again as "Arrogant" means"Uppity?"

Does anyone out there not know which N-word traditionally goes with "uppity?"

Difficult as it is to believe, it seems it IS possible to put someone in the Oval Office who's WORSE than W.


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