Just to prevent any incorrect conclusions ---

When I made the comparison between Doris Day's Other (non-public) Life and Sarah Palin's, I did NOT mean to suggest that Mrs Palin's other life was THE SAME as Ms Day's, i.e., one of sexual gluttony.*

The ONLY point I was making was that the face we see on the surface is not the same face as people see in private. In Mrs Palin's case what ferments below is a passel of nasty little incidents, using her authority as Mayor to fire the Police Chief, to TRY to fire a librarian who wouldn't remove books she (Palin) didn't like, and other various uses of her influence and authority to manipulate situations not legally in her bailiwick.

To stay up to date with the only source of objective reports I've been able to find on Mrs Palin's past and present, I recommend reading the daily online magazine Alaska Dispatch

*Since then, the National Enquirer (you know, the newspaper that caused the Repuglicans to scream that the Liberal Press was ignoring the report on Senator Edwards Affair) I've read that she had an affair with her husband's (now) former partner. And subsequently, that the McCain Campaign was threatening to sue. As if the threat of lawsuits scare them. Unlike politicians, the Enquirer seems to actually base their accusations on demonstrable facts. If only we could get the same from any of the bozos running for office.


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