Sarah Palin -- what a slap in the face to politically active women

Sarah Palin -- what a contemptuously cynical selection -- as cynical as replacing Thurgood Marshall with Clarence Thomas -- a puppet who can be counted on to parrot the party line:

"Hey you Hillary fans -- she's a woman, right? Look, breasts, vulva -- what more do you want? So what if she's against a woman's right to choose? So what if she's obsessive about drilling in ANWR and everywhere else? So what if her "reform" of the oil laws and "opposition to big oil" was no more than a demand that the state of Alaska gets a bigger piece of the oil pie, increasing taxes on the companies drilling in the state? SHE'S A WOMAN so what more do you bitches want?"

I always thought the worst of the Karl Roving of McCain in the year 2000, the most vicious and egregious slander was that he was brave and all but the torture in the POW camp unhinged him and made him really kind of insane .. can't trust his mind any more...

But after months of hearing him speak, hearing reports of his insane short temper, such things as (verified by reporters) calling his wife a "cunt" who was "painted up like a trollop" in front of a group he was addressing... I'm actually starting to think that was the ONE attack that actually had a basis in fact...


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