WOW -- Prez Bush tells Prez Hu that religion is good and he should allow more of it in China

Well aside from being pea-brained and insulting, ("Well, don't take this the wrong way, You-Hu, but you really don't know how to run your own country. You really need some know-nothing to lecture you across the seats at a sporting event.") Bush actually seems to think anyone in the world cares about his opinion -- even as president the weight of his moral authority is somewhat less than that of a popcorn fart.

But ok -- I suggest Bush does something he's never done in his life -- back up his big talk with some substance -- send Pat Robertson, Rev Wildmon, Jimmy Swaggart, et al to live in China, there to bring them the benefits of religion.

Of course Prez Hu has probably seen them via satellite and knows what sleazoid hucksters they are, and probably would deal with it diplomatically. ("Very interesting. Well, let them come here. We have lovely homes set up for them in Tibet.")

George W Bush lecturing the leader of the most populous nation on Earth about social and moral responsibility -- ok, THAT'S Funny.


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