Victor Pelevin -- his early books wonderful and each one gets better

In September, Viktor Pelevin's forthcoming novel -- The Secret Book of the Werewolf will be published by Viking in the USA, and having read it a month ago -- and still hearing resonances from it ringing through my mind -- I would be remiss in my duty as a literate human if I should fail to tell any and all -- BUY IT READ IT -- more likely, you'll have to tell your local bookseller to order it.(You'll have to go to more than one publisher, Viking for the new one, also New Directions, Farrar Straus Giroux.

He's probably best know in English translation for the collection of short pieces collectively titled The Werewolf Problem in Central Russia, but other books by him -- novels -- are each wonderful in their own ways -- not all about werewolves by any means.

Omon Ra, Buddha's Little Finger, and Homo Zapiens are also able to knock one on one's literary ass -- but none are what you might expect after reading any of the other books. Amazing breadth of mind.

Although there's a subtle theme running through most of what he writes, that our age of overly available information is also one of woefully deficient knowledge.

And oh -- Helmet of Horror:The Myth of Theseus and the Minotaur

Here's a list of links to articles about Viktor Pelevin himself and/or a specific book of his in the New York Times

********Oh -- caveat most of his novels have been published in the UK with different titles (i.e. Buddha's Little Finger became The Clay Machine Gun.) --

But no problem if you inadvertently buy one you have or have read under a different title -- give it to someone as a gift -- but make sure you really like that person, because introducing someone to this writer may get you a lifelong friend.

And oh -- I have no commercial interest in this or any of his books and will not profit from your purchase (except maybe, in the sense of metaphysical satisfaction at having made the world a slightly better and stranger place.


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