Here's a double standard I would like to figure out

Remember how all the Repugnicans slammed Bill Clinton for succumbing to the advances of that zaftig little pizza-bearing knee-pad packing succubus, screaming "Well if he can't even honor his promise to his wife, how can we believe him about the country?"

Well, I thought that was a load of crap at the time, and I still do (I told each man who ranted foam-flecked vituperation on him religious folks, y'know? That if he would put his hand on a bible and SWEAR that he would NEVER-- IF OFFERED -- NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER accept a blow job, then I would be willing to listen to his opinion.

BUT ---

Since it's been documented that Sara Palin was fucking her husband's partner while hubby was away north, what are we to conclude what that says about her?

(She might be cute in her dominatrix suit, but I really don't care to find out.)


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