I'd prefer to think John McCain is just a lying sack of shit, instead of the scary possibility...

After getting all hincty and smarmy about how he couldn't debate because he had to save the world --- after 26 years of telling money men to go ahead and grab with both hands, as long as they give some to his campaign funds --- after being up to his skanky asshole with his pals, the Savings & Loan crooks known as the Keating Five (he was given a pass, attributing his presence in the Company of Thieves as merely "poor judgment), -- and finally, after going into Washington and instead of brokering the financial crisis bailout deal the way he said he would, he just kicked down the sandcastle being built, NOW he blames Obama for turning the financial bailout deal into a mere political game... in other words, so says the man who spent his years in post-POW release attacking the families of POW's and MIA's --- Manchurian Candidate* (or more properly, the Hanoi Candidate) only HE is willing to put country ahead of self and anyone who runs against him is right on the line of treason. And that he is "Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known." **

My friend, Dick points out that McCain looks less like the witty player of 2000 and more and more like Ronald Reagan ... in Reagan's SECOND TERM when the Alzheimer's had really taken hold.

So I'm hoping that he's really just the man he so obviously appears to be -- the vicious scum-sucking asshole who'll do anything --run a slander machine, lie, cheat, whisper, plant racist and communist and all kinds of -isty hints to get elected, because he knows he can only make points by attacking the other guy since he's got nothing else to offer.

Even his competition with Joey Lieberman the past four years to see which one can put the juicier, wetter, more slobbery tongue kiss on Monkey Boy's ass is just vile, but not as scary as the real real real probability -- that senile dementia has set in already and Sarah Palin will be acting president a week after the inauguration.

We can survive with a criminal as president - -we've been doing that off and on for 232 years, with special emphasis on the last 8 -- but to have demented old Uncle Fudd in the Oval Office with Ilsa, She-Wolf of Wasilla *** as his backup?

Even the atheists mutter "God help us" when conetmplating that possibility.


* His hench-creatures have whispered that we must consider Barack Obama as the Manchurian Candidate. Hey when you're IT, point the finger at someone else. In this case, remember the old saw that "When you point your finger at someone, there are THREE fingers pointing back at you."

** Certainly his Manchurian status (Cindy makes a credible Queen of Diamonds) is enhanced by the fact that EVERY presidential candidate from Clinton to Kerry has been accused of being that guy -- except John McCain. After all "John McCain is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known." He's in that ultimately suspicious category of "Couldn't be him." and "How DARE you? He's above suspicion -- he's a TRUE PATRIOT!!!"

*** Hey, I've seen Dyanne Thorne and vicious though Ms Palin seems to be, seemingly cruel and even sadistic, Governor Palin is NO Dyanne Thorne.


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