Oooh, we're being unfair to Governor Palin -- oh boo-fucking-hoo

So ok, generally we can agree that dissing her family and her sexiness are off-limits -- EXCEPT for when those are used as her selling points, at which point they become a valid -- if tasteless -- part of the political dialogue.

But even so, if those of us who are NOT part of the moronic fist-pumping "USA! USA!" crowd abandon our sense of decency, that would not be good.

Because other than that -- after hearing her speeches I can only come to the conclusion that, despite her accomplishments, she's really just one more vicious cunt in the mold of Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and Phyllis Schlafly -- spewing venom, stirring up hatred, and attributing a motive of treason* to anyone who is not part of her tribe, who does not agree with her pin-headed narrow-minded, small-town, insular, and -- yes -- ELITIST** point of view.

So I can only say, with kindness and sadness -- fuck her and the angry old fart*** she rode in on.


* Well what else it is when she parrots the old fart by saying -- over and over and over again, that THEY are making change only to advance their careers? But that WE are putting country first? (Implying they are not.) Does she think we're all that stupid as to believe that the other party is some sort of alien invasion force intent on destroying America? Or that maybe the Republicans that flock around her actually believe that?

** Elitist -- "we're the crown of creation, me and my friends and anyone who isn't like us is shit." That's what it is whether some snotty Yalee intones it to all the non-WASPS or some backwoods Christer comes on saying "My daddy says all you city folk are Commie Jew Nigger Scum."

*** John "Did you know I was a P.O.W?" McCain --- He always says he never likes to talk about it (except every time he can get someone to sit still), and has repeated it and used it and repeated it and used it until he has actually created P.O.W. fatigue in the American public, devaluing the tribulations of EVERYONE who ever went through that horror, even those who weren't raining death on the friends and family of people who then, after he surrendered, weren't nice to him, ringing that bell over and over and over again until people finally realized that Iraq is pretty much Vietnam -- a cynical expenditure of lives, at first for hegemony, but soon after for nothing more than saving face, or as LBJ put it as soon as he became president -- "We can't possibly win this thing, but we can't just walk away." (Yeah, you hungry ghost -- tell that to the 50,000 Americans and the 1,000,000 Vietnamese who died for your image.)

Or in Iraq -- "Al Quaeda will celebrate victory is we SURRENDER."

I know a man, an admirable man, who was a P.O.W. of the Japanese from the very beginning of that war, who was captured because he told the Medics to take his men out first and then come back get him -- by which time, it was too late. And he dealt with his nightmares and hauntings for years without ever trying to sell them for career advantage.

RIDDLE: What song haunts John McCain, and triggers his nightmares of harsh judgments flung at him by his father and grandfather and all his angry forebears back to the revolution?

ANSWER: Bruce Springsteen singing "No Retreat -- No Surrender."


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