Hey, Mr Schmidt -- is that a white flag in your pocket? Or are you just glad to see me?

Quote of the day

John McCain's top strategist, Steve Schmidt, trying to keep young campaign aides from losing hope, according to the Washington Post's Michael Shear: "Being part of an effort that fails does not make you a loser; it makes you a competitor. What makes you a loser is curling up into the fetal position at a time of adversity. The only thing that would ever define anyone as a loser is to quit before it is over."

Amazing, Schmidt doesn't even realize what he said --
in essence, to say that IS curling up.

But what he's really doing is what they're ALL doing on that side, fix the blame because they can't fix the campaign, point a finger at someone (ANYONE) for the loss (Sarah Palin, Keith Olbermann, the Liberal Press in general, a great Left-Wing Conspiracy, even former boss Karl Roverer) -- but whoever gets the blame, the message is simple (in playground terms):



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