I may not know Joe (Scarborough) but I know homosexual panic when I see it

What is it with Joe Scarborough?

His answer to every ill, whether the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld Murder Inc. Op in Iraq or the fall of the economy, his pointed finger as to blame is ALWAYS summed up in two words:


I'm not gay, so you can't throw that "Oh you're just understandably paranoid but you're not objective" denial crap at me.

But I have worked and socialized around enough gay men and women in TV, movies, and theater to recognize the weirdness that comes across such doofuses as Scarborough -- and are willing to allow to show when with a hetero male -- when they know that hetero male doesn't seem to care if a person he is working with is gay or straight -- the exception is the intense disrespect that this hetero male has for the gay-bashers who ARE gay and who deny it, which brings us back to Joe Scarborough -- who I truly believe is NOT gay, BUT he doesn't know it and seems to be still going through some post-adolescent ongoing homosexual panic.

The banks refuse to tell the public what they're doing (or not doing) with the $250 billion already dumped on them? Well, hell -- it must be Barney Frank's fault because he was warned in 2002.

Mortgage defaults? Must be Barney Frank's fault because he wanted Americans to be able to have their own homes.

The failure of the adventure in Iraq? Barney did it.

This is not political commentary -- this is something that might be described in a reference work like Psychopathia Sexualis.

What's it mean when a big young male with beady eyes and an attitude a mile long is obviously preoccupied (if not obsessed) in a negative way with an older man, a gay man who has no problem with everyone knowing he's gay? Let the amateur psychologists run amok with it.

Especially when that young man is -- unlike his bugaboo, who is a successful and powerful congressman -- is a failed congressman who repped the sugar interests of the Florida Panhandle until he resigned "to spend more time with his children" (although most children I've seen with an overbearing know-it-all father don't really mind if daddy is nowhere around, in fact, prefer it) and now runs a morning TV show where his sidekick is a young woman who has -- remarkably -- a father who is incredibly dominating and overbearing and (Scarborough) gets to silence her, talk over her and treat her like home-made shit, possibly making her feel the way her own father used to make her feel and still seems to do (when they discuss Zbiggie's guesting on that or a future show) -- seems to be something she needs, something she craves, something most people who work with battered women know and call "comfort abuse."

He behaves the same way in varying degrees to other women who are either in the news or who come on the show -- doesn't seem to like women much at all (which is NOT homosexual but what is known as homoerotic -- all us boys together in the locker room snapping towels at each others' asses, no girls allowed) and while he has that attitude to all women, at least so far as I have been able to stomach him long enough to see, Mika Brzezinski is the pet he gets to abuse the most.

Back to BARNEY FRANK, Scarborough's Professor Moriarty -- the man who is the Secret Ruler of the World, the source of ALL EVIL, the Dictator Bush had said HE wanted to be, the man who is a giant powerful monster who can NOT be denied...

Ahhh -- too much time even thinking about JOE -- so JOE -- get over it -- just get over it -- just grow the fuck up.


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