The Amazing Performance of A-Rod Blogojevich in Totally Defeating Reality

The Blagojevich Performance:

It was so corrupt and psychotic it was thrilling and inspirational -- a complete break from any sort of reality -- an alternative universe that is able to ignore the noises coming from this one, the one we know.

It was as impressive as a performance by any of the greats -- Joe Montana shutting out crowd noise and rapidly approaching linebackers to throw the pass that created "The Catch" -- Jackie Robinson ignoring the taunts and threats and vicious racist shouts and playing his game -- so committed to the reality that was being pursued as to defy disbelief... the pederast Andrew Vachss spoke of, so focused on his prey as to grab, hold, and rape a 5-year old girl in plain sight of hundreds of people on the sidewalk.(They're not all heroes, these amazingly laser-focus folk.)

He stood there and said plainly with a straight face and without shame that the Illinois House of Reps had impeached him because he had circumvented them to get reasonably-priced medicines for the people of his state, to get medical services for the people of his state, to go around them in order to serve the welfare of the people who had hired him, and a lot more things that the House had opposed because they were being paid off by the big money interests, ending each one with the refrain:

"Is that an impeachable offense?"

This is the kind of video that should be shown to all political science and history college students who believe that reason, logic and a healthy respect for reality can make changes in a corrupt system.

None of the great grotesques: Nixon, Eliot Abrams, Ollie North, et al EVER reached this height of OOO-EEE-OOO self-delusion

This was one for the ages.

All that was lacking was an accurately thrown custard pie in the face and Blago wiping it off, laughing and saying: "Gotcha!"


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