Did you hear FDR prolonged the Great Depression?

It's the Conservatives' newest talking point -- designed to stop Congress from passing an economic stimulus package...

David Sirota

"If you're like me, you sometimes find yourself speechless when confronted with abject insanity..."

even if we all should be used to it by now...

"During a Christmas Eve appearance on Fox News, I pointed out that most mainstream economists believe the government must boost the economy with deficit spending. That's when conservative pundit Monica Crowley said we should instead limit such spending because President Franklin Roosevelt's "massive government intervention actually prolonged the Great Depression." Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett eagerly concurred, saying "historians pretty much agree on that."


Well, you can't argue with Monica Crowley...

Aside from the fact that she is surrounded by enough feral sociopaths who adore her and who will be dispatched to your front door with no more than a nod of her aging head.

There is another reason to respect her authority (hers and Cartman's):

SHE WAS THERE, Chollie -- she is 103 years old but has kept her looks using a combination of a painting in the attic and religious adherence to the Elizabeth Bathory "Stay Young Forever" regimen (which is why there's ALWAYS an opening for young female interns in her organization -- not because -- as some scurrilous slanderers imply -- not because she's a lesbian).

It's one thing to recognize the Repugnicans as mean-spirited (for example, currently telling us all how "magnanimous" they're being to accept "being swept out of office").

But we've become so accustomed to their fantasy world (economic, social, scientific) it's not all that often an obvious pathological deficiency and total break from reality stands out from their norm.

But to paraphrase Saint Dick the First "It's NOT insanity when a Republican says it."

--FDR's extension of the depression even involved a rodent conspiracy -- porcupines.
-- see the posting below


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