Ooops! Where are my *%@@&# research people?

I flipped to CSPAN and saw Ohio Representative, Democrat Mary Kaptur finishing off what seemed to be a rousing speech about setting goals for the 111th Congress, and how they should set the mark above that of the 110th, specifically appropriations of money, that it be wisely and not go to thieves, as she saw it doing in the 110th, bankers and auto mfrs coming to congress that way and finished with an analogy saying:

"Jesse James robbed banks..."

Ok, so far.

And then blew it:

"...because he said "That's where the money is."

Actually it was Willie Sutton who said it, after being caught and sentenced and doing time.

In Jesse James' time, right after the Civil War, reporters weren't interviewing bank robbers, especially those never captured.

What's the line, used in a different context?

"Too much information."

In this case too much misinformation.

Sorry MS Kaptur -- you seem like a good congressperson, but having people shout "It was Willie Sutton, dummy," will probably be part of your legacy.


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