Bush's final (praise god) press conference

It's not that he's an idiot that grates so much as that he treats all of us as if WE'RE idiots and he's so much smarter than we are. As if we're 2d graders and he's explaining a very very difficult complex concept to us:

"It was a Dis-APPOINTment. Not a mistake. A dis-a-POINT-ment."

Making twinkly smiles and damn near Sarah Palin winks, and maybe, given the amount of murder, theft, and malfeasance he and his handlers have gotten away with -- that WE'VE allowed him to get away with, maybe he's got a case to think of us as morons.

The problem with stupid people is when they think they're clever and their clumsy attempts at subterfuge aren't as obvious as a 5-year-old's excuse-making.

And like some sort of mean little 5-year-old kid, maybe it's NOT disrespect he speaks to us that way, just kind of insulting that he thinks of us as being no more than his intellectual equals ... everything is everyone else's fault, not his, that he's being respectful to the incoming president to treat him with maximum passive-aggressiveness "If he ASKS me to, I'll ask congress, otherwise..." "Only the elite in Europe might think we've lost our moral edge. Not true."

Every last bit of stubborn ungracious passive-aggressive spoiled bratness is all there from the Blair House slap in the face to the complete "Haha -- I'm out of here home free -- it's all HIS problem now."

So after 8 + years of seeing this fellow and his game, the original opinion hasn't changed at all. A mean-spirited, lying sonofabitch who is always always always right and to disagree with him is to attack God.

I'm not surprised -- I'm just amazed at the ability of the press people to (1) maintain politeness with him, and (2) amazed at their simpering asskissing collaboration with all the theft and death he seems to think is just fine.

I actually hope the door DOES hit him in the ass on the way out.

What a disgraceful regime we've tolerated. He's so focused on history's evaluation being better than today's -- it hasn't occurred to him that ultimately, people will visit his grave and piss on it as if it were a freeway rest stop.

But then, he'd probably have an excuse as to why it's THEIR fault and never ever ever has anything to do with what he's done.



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