Three reasons to keep Rush Limbaugh in the spotlight:

People keep saying "Oh don't talk about Rush -- it just makes him bigger."

Actually that's one of the reasons I think it's a good thing to do.

Here's why:

Three reasons to keep Rush Limbaugh in the spotlight:

1. Of course all this attention makes him bigger -- I look forward to see him enacting the fable about the frog that blew himself up, trying to show off how big he was.

2. The more the public sees of Rush, the more unwholesome revoltingness they will see -- come on -- we all saw that clip from the CPAC with him doing strange wigglings of his snout, wobbling his lips and cheeks and bouncing up and down -- he was making necessary adjustments to maintain the appearance of being human, since he was out in public and the glamour was wearing off and he risked us seeing his actual form which would have had EVERYONE turning running screaming from the repellent actuality of it.

3. PLEASE -- Do NOT call him a whore of any sort -- I hate the way people use that term so loosely -- it's insulting when people do -- insulting to actual on-the-street hard-working whores. A long time ago I read an article about hooking, and there was a comment in it from one of the interviews with a working girl, a comment I never forgot. She said:

"We're not selling anything that doesn't belong to us. And there isn't a politician or businessman who can make that same statement."

Rush and the rest of them are selling our world out from under us, spewing hatred to morons to feed their own addictions, not caring what sort of monstrous effects that may have, what horrifyingly stupid things those morons will do -- and frankly, people like Limbaugh all seem to me to be one humongous waste of protoplasm.

The only thing Limbaugh has to sell that's his own is asscheek steaks -- if his corpus weren't so toxic and corrupted, there might be a lot of good eating on that fat ass, a lot of good marbling on the meat.

Probably would take more marinating than it's worth, though, to leach out the toxic waste.

Better just chop it into chunks and feed it to the other hogs.


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