Judge Sotomayor -- why don't the Repugnicans drop the pretense and just call her a "spic bitch" and be done with it.

That's what they're saying so politely, and not so politely -- for example, Romney and Huckabee.

Their objections? She's not a man. She's not "white." She's not rich. She's not a religious poseur. They may not even know -- as we've seen from several recent Repugnican statements, that Puerto Rico is American soil and Puerto Ricans are actually American citizens.

Mitch McConnell started it off with a sleazy insult, in essence saying that despite education at Princeton and Yale, despite the fact that the senate investigated and confirmed her twice, once on the nomination by George H W Bush and again on the nomination to the next position by Bill Clinton, still, she probably doesn't know the law:

"We will thoroughly examine her record to ensure she understands that the role of a jurist in our democracy is to apply the law even-handedly, despite their own feelings or personal or political preferences."

Political preferences?
Personal preferences?

What that means is she's NOT a rich WHITE man, so obviously her judgment can not be trustworthy. She can't be counted on to go along with the attitude that we get from the statists: Roberts, Scalia, Alito, and Thomas. The four comrades who will uphold ANYTHING that supports and allows pretty much any presidential whim overriding the constitution.

They call it an "imperial" presidency, but it's not really "imperial."
The way they march in lockstep with Big Guy is less like any royalty and more like the Comintern -- the Marxist Soviet Commissars of the 1950's.

Of course, since the minute Obama said "empathy" (and after the Repugs ran to the dictionary to find out what that word meant), they have been screaming bloody murder -- in essence saying "He's the most radical president EVER!!! He wants a supreme court justice to actually notice there are people out there who have to live under those laws."

Frankly, this court garners a great deal of well-earned contempt -- the selling of the presidency to the Bush family, and even more egregiously, the court decision that refused stay of execution for a prisoner who was exonerated when the crime he'd been convicted of was confessed to by someone else (but after the period for a type of appeal had expired).

That unbelievable majority opinion:

"Innocence, in and of itself is not a sufficient reason to stay the execution."*

Fuck 'em.

The court (and the Senate and the House of Reprobates) need people who know what it's like to grow up poor and pissed on.

(HEY! There are plenty of us out here who would gladly enlarge their educational experience by taking all their money and then pissing on their shoes. Scalia -- who has a sense of humor -- would probably laugh at this suggestion, but not at the wet shoes.)

It's bizarre -- with all their cumulative education, they don't even realize that they've been bought and paid for by their social class, their political angels, their blind biases. Their attitude seems to be:

"Oh but we already have a girl. And she's a Jew, too. And Scalia and Alito -- both Eyties -- isn't that enough for you radical activists who want the court to actually notice there are people who have to live with our decisions?")

Perhaps they need to have this quote from Upton Sinclair engraved over the back door entrance they use (let's call it The Servant's Quarters):

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something
when his salary depends on not understanding it."

But public service is important, so let me know --
I'll even pay my own way to DC to do them the service of pissing on their shoes.

*This may not be verbatim, but it was the essence of it.



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