I may not know the real truth of good or evil or just something else about abortion and reproductive choice -- but I know ONE THING --

There are a lot of people out there whose opinions I won't even listen to.
Especially those "patriots" who believe war is a good or necessary thing.

I have no uterus.

I may someday once again be involved in supporting the choice of someone who does have a uterus and a decision to make but will almost definitely NEVER be in the situation where I would be either totally COMMITTED to carrying a fetus full term or deciding I can NOT do it (in the sense of the old saw about breakfast of bacon and eggs -- the chicken is involved, but the pig is COMMITTED

But this I know -- I will NOT listen to ANY bullshit about it from ANYONE who believes it has been or will be acceptable to conduct a war -- optional, accidental, or whatever -- especially one in which non-combatants get wounded, maimed, killed, have their homes and families destroyed... those things that the self-satisfied killers who hire warriors to implement their economic or political call "COLLATERAL DAMAGE."

I already know your hypocrisy where LIFE is involved.

You have nothing to say to me.
You have lost your right to vote on the topic.
You may use disparaging words like "...on DEMAND," to imply that a woman's choice is some mere whim, but you only make yourself more obviously vile and despicable when you do.

The only one who has that right, to DEMAND, is the person who has that thing growing inside of her... she is the only one who has the right to decide whether "that thing" is a precious bit of growing protoplasm to be loved and nurtures and brought to fruition, or a vampire to be expunged.


Not mine, not yours, not that of any OTHER WOMAN but LEAST OF ALL those of you who would find it acceptable (even if unpleasant) to destroy other lives for wealth, power, even as response to an attack made on our security.

Perhaps, instead of terrorizing young women, you might look at aborted fetuses as COLLATERAL DAMAGE in what used to be known as "The War of the Sexes."


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