Iran, Lenny Bruce, and The Palladium

As the Great Grand Ayatollah and the Miniscule Meany Ahmadinejad continue to blow it royally,* I keep thinking of a bit Lenny Bruce** did in the 50's called The Palladium, in which a lounge comic, what used to be called a "tits and ass" comic, has the bizarrely inappropriate idea that what he needs to advance his career is to play "a class room" -- The Palladium -- an English Music Hall.

Over his agent's objections, he gets a booking, and comes on stage following a tribute to "All the boys who went to Dunkirk and never came back" that has everyone in the audience sobbing in grief.

He bombs.

And he keeps trying and trying and trying, getting fully into "flop sweat," in which the performer tries harder and harder to get to the audience but only succeeds in making it worse.

In the bit, he finally triggers an anti-Irish riot and needs to be smuggled out of the place wearing the wig of an old-time drag act.

That seems to me, in all its horror, to be exactly what those bearded bozos are doing, and if it weren't so criminally hideous, it would be funny -- dark grim humor admittedly, but still...

Every day they make it worse -- every day the protesters gain more and more supporters around the world.

And every day the Ayatollah and the Mini-tollah have less and less control, and every day they can feel their power slipping away a little more, which terrifies them and makes them double down on the thuggery.

There's no question they're losing it.
The only question how much pain they will cause, how many lives they will destroy, how many crimes they will commit before it's over.

Coincidentally, these are the same questions we asked about Iraq during the Bad Old Day of Bush & Cheney, and that we asked about Vietnam during the the Johnson-Nixon years.


*Their behavior actually exonerates the American puppet, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran we installed when Mohammed Mossadegh, the duly elected President put forth the insane, unheard-of idea that the Iranians actually had more of a right to their own oil than the British, and threatened to act on that idea.
Pahlavi's CIA-trained death-and-torture Gestapo, Savak, horrified the world with its monstrous cruelty.

Now it seems it wasn't only our guys in Iran who were monsters.


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