2009 is the 25th anniversary of the year 1984 ...

The celebration has been ongoing for a long long time ... most recently, we find that the Iranian government still insists that their recent election was fine, the count accurate, and everything above-board -- despite admitting they'd found the vote total far exceeded the number of registered voters in 50 cities ...

("That's right, my friends, our beloved President UhmptyDumpty, proved he is a far greater man than was that dead dog of an interloper in Iraq, Saddam Hussein. Hussein boasted of getting more than 99% of the vote, but our beloved President Umptydumpty got a full 137% of the vote!!! Allahu Akbar!!")

And of course, we here in the good old USA had our illegally rigged election in the year 2000 (no, not that tired old observation of the nepotistic payoffs given to the justices Tippity-Top Court -- I am reluctant to call that bunch of co-conspirators 'Supreme" anything) -- I'm talking about the thousands of African-American voters in Florida denied access to the ballot box by Governor Jeb Bush's personal army, i.e., the Florida State Police.

And then 8 years of rewriting history ("Joe McCarthy was a good man and the Liberals slandered him ... Judge Bork wasn't crazy as a shithouse rat -- he was destroyed for political reasons*... continuing edited changes to the posted transcripts of Bush's speeches on the White House Web Site in response to any criticism in order to prove he never said what we all heard him say, and what was printed on that same web site just yesterday...and the like)


(Karl Roverer most certainly read and remembered 1984 the novel in which continual wars -- only the name of the enemy changes -- and the punishment of 'Thought Crimes' were social standards.

The repeated whack-a-mole pop-ups of Cheney and Bush and the rest of that Nova Mob** since then is more reminiscent of zombies or the Dracula story.

In fact, just like the Nova Mob, since Nova Express is the third novel in a trilogy that tells of a mob of aliens who travel from planet to planet increasing the vibratory level through fear and linguistic viruses until the planet explodes -- goes into nova ("So pack yer ermines, Mary, cause the whole shithouse is going up in chunks.") -- and they move on to destroy another one.)

Happy 1984 + 25

*POLITICAL? Like the First Amendment of the Constitution?
I recall Bork's job interview -- you know, the one Uncle Thomas called "a high-tech lynching," and how Bork railed against pornographic movies(Thomas, on the other hand, rather liked them) that "schoolchildren pass those theaters every day and see those photos" ... (never mind that the true 'refuge of scoundrels' is 'protecting the children') and when Bork was asked if it would be acceptable if the theater posted NO signs, titles, or anything else outside, that great constitutional liar continued to rail: "No, because even if they did that, the people who saw those movies would carry the poison back into the community." After which the magnificent and sorely-missed Barbara Jordan proceeded to give the man with the bad beard a tutorial on the Bill of Rights.


**the Nova Mob -- From Nova Express by William S Burroughs -- an ancient, secret invasion of the earth by parasitic aliens who now control human minds and bodies ... drawn from science fiction and, because the aliens are described in terms of organized crime as the “Nova Mob”, from the hard-boiled detective novel.


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