I was watching the noon news on MSNBC, two freaks talking smack

And there was a male and a female anchor (being what the English call -- accurately -- "News Readers.")

And the male was saying crap about how: "If a doctor depends on you for his entire income, well he's going to tell you what's best for him... and if a lawyer only has one client, or one that's mostly all of his income, he'll give you advice that benefits HIM."

And I thought: "What an asshole. The only reason he says that is PROJECTION .. because HE'S taking network money with a more or less unspoken directive that he's only going to tell US what his masters will find profitable..." Hell -- even Fox News had to disavow Glenn Beck when he went so far over the line that his show started seeing sponsors pulling back.

And perhaps that's why TV News has mostly devolved into a freak show --- it's safest to limit reports that don't involve the always popular death and carnage to freaks and mutants -- Sarah Palin, Michael Jackson, The Octomom, The Birthers, Joe ("I never done nothin bad to my boy") Jackson, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Rev Wildmon, et al... and, including some of the aforementioned but definitely not limited to them, even better if you can have this so-called news DELIVERED by freaks

Because the bottom line bean counters of the networks KNOW that in a carnival (where acts are ALL made up) the Freak Show draws a lot more customers than those old-fashioned -- they don't even do these anymore -- local history exhibits.

Read a book.


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