Let's step back and look at the president...

and remember -- at this point in his administration, George W "Monkey Boy" Bush was whining publicly about how "it's hard" to be president.

Poor little spoiled brat drug addict rich kid -- "it's so hard" -- what a shock to realize that some things just can't get done by bullying people with your family's money

At the same point in his dad's presidency, HE was addressing what he considered the most critical need for America -- a constitutional amendment to ban flag-burning.

And now Jeb, who we thought for a while was the one Bush in the bushes who was actually sane, is blathering about how if we'd only known Obama's secret plan, then the Repugnicans would be in the White House...


It was to get more votes and more electoral college votes.

And to do that by listening to people, thinking about what THEY might want...

I don't care if the assholes keep flinging shit at our president like insane monkeys, screaming how Obama is betraying the voters ... THEY (the assholes) couldn't even figure out that what the voters wanted to know was that the candidate at least KNEW what they wanted.

Perhaps someday the psychotic theocrats who have hijacked the process will suddenly all self-destruct -- disappearing in a cloud of purple smoke, or, more likely, tearing themselves in half in their Rumplestiltskin rage -- and the people who -- pre-Nixon -- used to be Republicans, i.e., moderately conservative people, the ones the farmers and such voted for because they allowed them to live their own lives -- those people will be able to re-join the party that has pissed on them continually for the past 50 years.

That would be a party that would allow enough sanity to survive that they might, someday, nominate a candidate, who -- depending on that person -- is actually sane enough that even a liberal sort might find himself the better choice.

(I always get the feeling the Olympia Snowe -- who IS that sort of political person -- is up there in Maine where, if the Repub Party gets totally insane, she can slip across the border to Canada one step ahead of the Dick Armey lynch mob before they burn their crosses on her lawn.)


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