Alan Greenspan and Dick Cheney -- The Odd Couple

Two old farts, both past-it, desperately trying to insist they're NOT irrelevant, crying out in the wilderness that they're not just tired old pieces of shit cast off because they weren't useful any more (the way THEY cast off anyone no longer useful to them)---

Both of them are trying to do the "mouth is quicker than the mind" trick of spewing piles of horseshit onto our memories in hopes that we won't recall what it was they actually DID when they had the power. Kind of like the Repugnants all insisting they HAVE a great Health Care Plan, but, uhh, ahh, ummm, just didn't get around to proposing it when they had the House, the Senate, the White House and the majority of tame justices on the Supreme court. Or forgetting that W was president for 8 years ("Who? W who? George W Bush?")

And I'm linking them together even though Greenspan is saying things to support much of president Obama's agenda (of which I personally approve) while Cheney is attacking everything the president does or says -- really, in essence, saying HE could do it better, even though he couldn't do anything but fuck up America -- economically, politically, militarily, internationally, etc -- when he had the power -- spouting his venomous filth while hiding behind the First Amendment in order to practice his new career -- SEDITION.

Doesn't matter WHICH ONE is in favor of WHAT -- what matters is neither of them did anything more or better or different than they did and now they're trying to insist they did (you know, the moving finger writes and having writ moves on, and, as the bible says, neither press conference nor political rally can ever change it or wash away the blood).

As for Cheney -- I still believe that his agenda (and that of Monkey Boy, his sock puppet) was to manifest the idea set forth by Grover Norforms -- that which characterized the administrations of Reagan and Bush I, i.e, bankrupt the country so as to be able to smile ruefully and say with the very slimiest of faux sincerity: "I wish we COULD help you who are dying and starving and being made homeless, but we just don't have enough money to do that."

To which Cheney and Bush II added: "And in order to set the stage for the next act of the eternal Republican majority, we're going to fuck things up so bad that NO Democrats can ever fix them." If THAT was their agenda, then they were REMARKABLY successful, and will go down in history as two of the great grotesque monsters. (Interesting how people like always assume that everyone is not real bright, probably because the only people they know -- other than the ones who bought and paid for them -- are the deficient ones -- those who are intellectually OR morally OR ethically OR something elsely lacking -- who are willing to hang out with them.)

So, Alan, Dick -- just take your karmic medicine -- meet the dead and the destroyed in your dreams every night and deal with them. ("What do you see when you turn out the lights? Don't tell me -- we all know it's yours.")

Really -- it would be wiser for your to zip it, boys -- it's not to your benefit to remind us that we let SOME of the monsters escape unindicted.


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