Obama and the Olympics -- and everything else

The other day, when talking heads who take themselves oh so seriously were opining on the president going to Copenhagen to plump for the 2016 Olympics being in Chicago, and going on, filling their 24 hour news cycle with such as: "Why would he decide to go there now when he'd said before that he couldn't spare the time?"

And one of the panel, a person who, if not actually living in a state of reality, at least has a passing "Hi" and "Howdy" relationship with reality when they pass on the street.

In so many words, this person said:

He's getting criticized for going and if Chicago doesn't get it, the Republicans will be delighted, since their total agenda is pointing at Obama and screaming "He stinks!"
And if he DOESN'T go, and Chicago doesn't get the Olympics, the GOP will be delighted to point at him and scream like the pod people "He dropped the ball. He should have gone and taken care of it."

This attitude applies to everything else the President does or does not do and what the Repugnicans have to say about it.

Hillary Clinton's comment about the vitriolic hatred of her husband, the former president, is also applicable to President Obama (And why not? They're the same people who spent 8 years trying to prevent that Democratic President from accomplishing anything the people of America might enjoy or appreciate):

"If he walked on water, they'd be saying he's a loser who doesn't know how to swim."

Th optimist in me wants to believe that, at a certain point, the Republicans will actually start to act like people who are primarily concerned with the betterment of the country instead of acting like the bloodsucking swarm of insects they've become, mindlessly vampirizing the warm-blooded creature they envy and hate with the intent of draining every drop of life from him.

But probably not.

At one time the Repubs were thoughtful people who acted on the belief that the people were best off when the economy was strong and the government didn't make it impossible to run a small business.
The Dems, on the other hand believed in doing it from the other direction, i.e., the economy was strong when the people had their basic needs protected, and those basics of life were not the toys of greed-mad assholes.

Not these days.

They've become the living embodiment of Aldous Huxley's mental and moral deficients depicted in Brave New World who yammered and chanted:

"We're deltas and we're the best."

If only there were a cliff toward which we could point these lockstep lemmings and wish them: "Have a nice trip."

And then invite the old-fashioned kind of Republicans they drove out of the party back in where they might act like grownups. I actually know some people who ARE that kind of Republicans.

But that's even more the fantasy of an unrealistic optimist.


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