Truthout is becoming an annoying bore

Melvin Goodman seems to think his remarkably undistinguished career in government qualifies him to throw feces like an angry ape at Robert Gates screaming that HE'S NOT a diplomat, even though Gates never claimed he was.

The short version, the Japanese decided they couldn't afford to refuel American warships or position their military forces concerning China.

Well, that's their right, isn't it? Their country. Their economy. Their decision.

But Melvin Goodman thinks it's outrageous that Gates got angry, even though he may have been thinking about how many US Dollars we throw into their economy by maintaining 134 military bases on their island.

So fine -- let's consider our own economy -- close the bases and let Japan pay for their own security. Give the extra to the Sea Shepherds.

For the first time in my life, I'm getting a sense of why the "blame the Lefties first" people call people like Goodman the "blame America first" people.

With friends on the left like Goodman, who needs enemies on the right?


Defense Secretary Gates Is Not a Diplomat
Wednesday 28 October 2009

by: Melvin A. Goodman, t r u t h o u t |

Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates has played the "ugly American" in Tokyo, cast in a role he should not be given. This performance speaks to the need for a demilitarized national security policy. It is the role of the secretary of state to conduct delicate overseas missions. Japan is experiencing extreme economic pressures, and the new Japanese government is preparing to withdraw from its commitment to refuel Western warships in the Indian Ocean and to become less active in positioning military forces against China. While in Japan, Gates demonstrated his anger and impatience with the Japanese, declining invitations to dine with Japanese Defense Ministry officials and to attend a welcome ceremony at the Defense Ministry.

Gates's petty behavior...

Japan will no longer automatically perform as America's "aircraft carrier" in the Pacific. The United States currently occupies 134 military bases and facilities on land in Japan that is greater in size than Tokyo, representing an "occupation" footprint...

...Gates, throughout his 30-year government career, has never been known for tact or politesse. He is certainly no diplomat...

... The president needs a "new thinker" who can develop strategies for reducing the US military presence in Germany, Japan and South Korea, which we cannot afford and don't require at current levels, and for more diplomatic and non-military solutions for outstanding problems in an era of significant resource


As I said above -- "fuck 'em.

Let's close the bases, bring our military home and let the Sons of Heaven defend their own island.


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