Mr Bloomberg has set the price..

How much does it cost to make yourself king?

Apparently, 100 million dollars ($157 per vote) buys you a change in the law and a slight edge over your opposition (who spent $13 per vote.)

I remember Bloomberg thinking he could actually run for president but 3 seconds after he announced his search for the nomination, he gave us that smile -- the one that makes him look like the demented beast, come up into daylight from the basement, where he eats boiled babies.

I don't know what he sees when he looks in a mirror, but apparently, it took $100 million to make some of the voters of New York City decide to ignore the fact that he was one of those Wall Street people who was party to the destruction of the USA economy for his own personal gain, overlook the fact that he was one of the bad guys, shrug their shoulders and say "What the fuck..."

What a hideous little Rumplstiltskin.


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