The return of Scott Ritter -- just in time -- we need sanity more than ever

I remember Scott Ritter on the Bill Maher "Politically Incorrect" show back in 2001 or 2002, talking about how, based on all possible information, he had concluded "there are no WMDs in Iraq."  And Dennis Miller, looking more and more like a young Richard Nixon was revealing his true sub-comic personality as a malignant mental dwarf who throws esoteric references around, references that are almost always misused -- wrong context,wrong definition, etc.

He mocked Ritter mercilessly, trying to parody Ritter's cautious phrasing.

That was the last time I ever saw Dennis Miller on TV and didn't instantly change the channel.

No one wanted to actually think about what Scott Ritter was saying, since most were all dead set on going to war against Saddam Hussein, George H.W.Bush's old bribe-monger.

Today, he was on CNN with Rick Sanchez, who not only was presenting him for his warning about playing in Afghanistan, but also copping to having been one of the many journalists who dissed Ritter back in 2001.

I watched until the show turned over to Wolf Blitzer, whom I have watched more than enough to realized he has never listened to anyone's answer, reveling only in his cleverness at having asked the question.

Rick Sanchez asked Soctt Ritter about General McChrystal's request for an additional 40,000 troops, to which Ritter said, "That a solution, but no one is asking the question it's supposed to solve -- what is our mission?"

Going on, Sanchez asked a followup if Ritter thought McChrystal was right to make his request in public.

Ritter said it straight out -- "NO. Obama is his superior officer, his commander-in-chief. Any personal opinion -- or professional one -- should be made privately. What McChrystal has done is call 'insubordination.' "


He did what Dugout Doug MacArthur did -- trying to overturn the president's authority. Truman had the legal right to bust MacArthur to Corporal and sentence him to 15 months in the stockade. Obama has that same authority --- anyone who is familiar with the UCMJ (Universal Code of Military Justice) knows what to call that sort of play -- it's call SEDITION (same thing being done by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, et al, except they're not in uniform -- never HAVE BEEN in uniform.).  If actual war had been declared, it could be called TREASON.

McChrystal should resign.(Which he has threatened to do if he doesn't get his 40,000 troops. Threatened to hold his breath until he turns blue, lie on the floor and kick his heels on the carpet, and then resign.)

It's bad enough he trampled sense and decency to give Pat Tillman a Silver Star the day after he died, ignoring the fact that everyone concerned knew his fellow soldiers had shot him, whether accidentally or not.

McChrystal has an ego suitably large enough to be a general, but needs to watch out lest it become too loarge for him to continue to be a soldier.

Thank you, Scott Ritter, for saying it right out.


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