Regarding the perception of President Obama's actions

I'm not taking a side on anything he's done or is doing, pro or con, not here.

This is about something else.

It's about the perception of him that seems to be nearly universal:

That's he's the King ... or the Pope ... or God

But he's not the King... he's not the Pope ... he's not God ---

He's just an elected official -- the duly elected President of the United States, holder - -with the Vice President -- of the only truly national office, the only office that is filled according to the will of the entire nation.

He doesn't believe he can just say "Let it be so," and have it done.
Unlike a lot of people who have been in the Executive Branch.

No Fiat Lux there.

He's a very intelligent man committed to pulling the USA out of the nasty angry hole it's been digging itself into -- deeper and deeper and deeper -- since the Nixon foam-flecked attacks on Jerry Voorhis and Helen Gahagan Douglas, i.e. that Democrats are all Communist enemies of Freedom.

But even Nixon had reservations about some of the exoskeletal types who danced the Texas Two-Step with George W. Bush.

The same people who now -- during what seems to be their 'Senior Moments' -- consider themselves to be senior statesmen.

They're not.

They're people who are actively encouraging  sedition.

 In other words: felonious criminals


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