The problem with political journalists -- short-term memory deficit

They seem to not understand why people are so "anti-incumbent."

But Rush Limbaugh and other seditionists set the agenda and gave the marching orders in the very beginning:

(Translation: "A n-----r in the White House? NEVER!!!")

Have the Republicans done ANYTHING that is not directly in service of this goal?

It's like the GOP is doing a very unfunny version of the old Groucho Marx comic song -- as far as the Democrat's attempts to pull the country out of the economic-military-social greed/plunder toilet that Bush and his pals swam and frolicked in for nearly a decade:


So why does anyone wonder that people view our government with anger and distrust --  after EVERY word that has dribbled out of the cess pool Republican mouths of the past 50+ years, but especially the past 2 years --after every word has called any attempt to move congress and the economy even slightly away from the status quo of "Let's call the bribes 'campaign contributions' and call the bagmen 'PACS,' and then we can go on doing economic rape and plunder on behalf of our really rich pals (who'll give us some 'trickle down' goodies.)' "

After those people have insisted that everyone should view any attempt to move our political system closer to being one that actually represents the words of the founder of the party* (the one that has become the racist abomination of today that we call Republican) has either been stopped or ignored or dissed as not being good enough -- why does anyone wonder why the American public is insanely angry and willing to strike out at any target they see.

No mystery there.

But why don't $6- and $7- figure a year TV journalists actually remember what's been happening?

*"... of the people, by the people, and for the people..." Remember? Abe Lincoln?


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