Nancy Grace -- human emetic

Prosecution is a religion with her and she's a religious fanatic -- Nancy Grace and all the other members of her cult -- total True Believer fanatics driven by hate & anger & and obsessive 'look-at-me' solipsistic need so intense it makes the amazingly talented Liza Minelli look like Mother Teresa -- God has told her that it's IMPOSSIBLE any prosecutor could be wrong ... and now Marcia Clark has added herself-serving antiquities, that this was MORE shocking and not like the OJ trial at all, cuz -- remember her whining excuse? -- OJ only got off based on celebrity and because of Rodney King and athleticism and...)

This IS the same as the OJ trial -- I listened to that trial while I was working, listened to it all, every day -- and when it went to jury I thought: "But they didn't prove it... he might be guilty, maybe even probably, but you can't convict on 'probably.' "

This case even less surprising.

When the character assassination was over what we had was (1) prosecution couldn't say WHAT was the cause of death, let alone if it even WAS murder {duct tape -- they said it was the murder weapon, BUT an actual competent pathologist proved it was put on AFTER death and decomp had started} (2) prosecution couldn't say what if anything Casey Anthony had to do with the baby's death.

And Ms Anthony's attorney in his summation put it clearly: "They have no hard forensic evidence so their case rests on presenting her as a slutty party girl." And then (THEN) the prosecutor walked right into it with his rebuttal -- finishing with a photo of Ms Anthony living high and wild, thereby confirming Mr Baez's assertion as fact.

Marcia Clark and Jeff Ashton will never admit the obvious reasons for their failures -- both are second rate lawyers who are so sure they're FIRST RATE, they lose because of overconfident arrogance.

Add Cyrus Vance Jr in a different way, i.e., won't prosecute unless he knows he has a vote-getting slam-dunk ("She was raped but she isn't a very good witness so I'm letting the rich guy go... how can you POSSIBLY suggest there will be a quid pro quo down the road?")


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