Clarification of the Hannity-Perry posting below:

I don't care if Rick Perry is gay or Martian -- as far as I'm concerned, he is, in the words of the vastly underappreciated Robert Gover:

"The lowest form of humanity -- a yahoo."

The points -- which I wasn't including or making clear late at night -- were (or should have been):

1. The look of terror some people get when facing a TV camera, which I have found through experience (having to reassure non-actors that it isn't a mind x-ray) to be "What if it can see inside my head?" "What if it can see my real thoughts?"

2. The look of shame... wondering wottinhell could this guy be ashamed of?

3. My mistake of only looking at him in terms of his Texas constituency where it could likely be about gayness, whether the rumors had some basis in fact or not (either BEING gay or dealing with baseless rumors about that could be political death with HIS people in Texas.) But in context of looking into a national audience lens, it could reflect fear of something that's OK with Texans being seen by THEM (i.e., Americans), like being a Dominionist or pissing against the wall out behind the ice house, or whatever.

4. But all that radiating paranoia, a la Richard Nixon, tells people "He's Hiding SOMETHING! What could it be?" And that body-builder armoring makes those of us who jump to conclusions from superficial things, think "Gay?" (Or no, no,no, NOT gay... EXCEPT for that time in the locker room...)

5. The point being that big strong tough guy ass-kicking Texan was terrified of SOMETHING, and I, like so many journal-esque bloggers, like to write fiction.*

6. The underlying scare-factor MAY be related to the danger of OVERREACHING, a sickness running through the Republican party like flu season this past year -- overreaching puts the overreacher in danger, i.e., the current congressional Republicans' overconfident intransigence may actually cost them their majority in the next election and for some time to come -- if Perry does the Rumplestiltskin he sneeringly resembles and fails in his national bid, he'll lose his Texas base in the process.

Hemingway with his guns and macho is relevant and was apt on this point -- I may be mistaken but as I recall, in Old Man and the Sea there was an exchange that went: "What defeated you?" "I went out too far." and also -- "A man can be destroyed but not defeated."

Reaching for the big prize and failing can cost him everything he has. Because the bright light can show the world what he actually is. And as I made clear -- I think he's a vicious subhuman low rent thug whose political career is all fake smiles, nasty threats, intimidation, and stealing public money to pay off his pals. And if he disappears into the mist and drowns in the swamp with all the others like him, good riddance.

* A writing instructor once told me: "The truths of fiction are more important than the truths of history. And if I felt differently, I'd be an historian."

And I would like to point out that journalists, historians, politicians, et al deal in (we can only hope) FACTS -- and that's not the same as truth even if they call it that.
Those who say they deal in TRUTH -- priests, imams, ministers, rabbis, et al -- they sell OPINIONS --- TRUTH? They don't even do facts. So much for today's moment of sacrilege.

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