Last take on the terror behind Rick Perry's eyes

Forget the speculative stuff posted below --- the important thing was that he was obviously terrified when looking into the camera on the remote interview with Hannity, and wondering what that was about. (Unless it was being horrified that his dream of being president had led to this -- having to actually stand and talk to Hannity.)

So guessing at what is it? Gay? Pederasty? Playing clarinet? All irrelevant...

Thursday's debate made it clear -- it was the horrifying realization that it was all slipping away from him, that he just wasn't smart enough to play in the big leagues. Maybe not smart enough to know it was BECAUSE he wasn't smart enough, but he could see it all turn to sand and drift between his fingers.

Following his denunciation of Obama's "appeasement" and betrayal of Israel answered by Netanyahu himself saying, essentially, "Hey cowboy -- you're full of crap," the debate made it clear -- not just falling short of the nomination -- waay short with even Michelle Bachmann showing him up, but losing it all in Texas.

It's not about him being stupid. As I said before, Texans are tough and and often harsh, kicking ass whenever, but they don't diss dummies.

They DO, however, piss on losers.

And Jimmy Dick Perry's future as a loser was being revealed to him, as if the veil was drawn back and a giant middle finger was being flipped at him, accompanied by the cosmic laugh deriding him, personally, laughing and saying: "Shoulda left well enough alone, cowboy. You knew you shouldn't run last year, said it right out loud. But you didn't pay attention to your own better judgment. Can't say you weren't warned --- by yourself."

That was the terror -- seeing that he'd overreached and lost it all.

As my father used to say sarcastically about such as he:

"And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy."


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