So -- Cyrus Vance Jr is the consummate corrupt gutless wonder D.A.

Yep -- we've seen them in movies, on TV.
Now New York City can proudly claim one of their own.

...and Goddamnit -- I was so proud when the D.A. of America's (still) premier city decided that assaulting a hotel maid lands you in jail, EVEN IF you're one of the most rich and influential rapists in the world.

Ahh, I'm just an ethical fantasist.

Of course the D.A. folded, dropped the prosecution against the rich French guy EVEN THOUGH there is HE KNOWS -- NO DOUBT -- the crime took place, but because of blah blah and blah blah she lied about some other stuff and blah blah and blah blah and we wouldn't easily get a conviction.

Charges dropped.

Vance -- just a run-of-the-mill jive-ass, signifying, chickenshit monkey -- if a D.A. KNOWS he assaulted her (and little Cyrus acknowledges it DID happen) then even if you are certain you can't get a conviction, you still go ahead ---

ARREST, INDICT, and PROSECUTE so everyone knows what this scumbag did and, more important -- every rich motherfucker from wherever KNOWS you can't just come to New York and rape the hotel help.

But no, Mr. Big Tough "Elect Me to uphold the law and protect New York from crime" turns out to be a whining little bitch whimpering:
"Oh my conviction record will suffer! Oh woe! Oh tragedy! My career!!"

To be fair, it's possible he's just a craven chickenshit who's crumbling under the pressure of all the Ruling Class Euro-Trash Bank interests. And/or the New York Hoteliers. And or any and all who want to play in New York like it's Bangkok.

Or maybe it's what I believe is more likely -- the French Rapist had someone make him an offer he really really didn't want to refuse. Something like:

"IF you do this, no one will like you and when you leave office, who knows?
But if you don't, every one of MY friends will like you and when you leave office -- oo-la-la -- here's a photo of the villa."

Ahh, yes, the villa in the south of France that they'll give him to be his retreat --- more likely a redoubt where he can hide out while peasants throw rocks and rotten produce at him, kids tag the walls with spray-painted insults and curses, and travel agencies all over the world sell tours to see the man who sold out 8 million New Yorkers to kiss the ass of the ruling class.

Paid off -- one way or another -- but Cyrus -- how you gonna hold him/them to the bribe offer?
What if they renege?
You gonna prosecute them?

They already know what you are.

And so do we.


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