John Boehner? Eric Cantor? Senator Sick Turtle?

Looking at them makes me remember something said by a friend long-passed away

As the Repugnants continue their "never-gets-tired" campaign of always accusing Democrats of what they're doing themselves (saying the Dems are "only interested in the 2012 election" when they, the Repugs, are doing everything possible to increase the pain, keep unemployment high - FAA standstill, 74,000 jobs lost, etc), I look at Boehner and the rest of the hive and remember the words of the late Howard Luck Gossage, a man of estimable intelligence and an extreme commitment to ethical behavior:

"That man is trying to work his way up to being a horse's ass... But he hasn't got what it takes."

(That's how you can always tell what the Repugs are up to -- just look at whatever they accuse the Dems of doing, look at what they're finger-pointing about, and in this instance, the old cliche is factual -- "When you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.")*

*Well, it wouldn't have been factual if it was the late Jerry Garcia doing the pointing (in his case, only 2 pointing back at him), but he was a man usually only inclined to point a "well done" but not blame at anyone.

Other friends and admirers of the late Mr. Gossage have posted quotes and memories on this facebook page.


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