So Darrell Issa, semi-successful car thief, tells a woman she can't testify before a congressional panel on women's health -- only men -- no girls allowed.

ISSA -- total scumbag --- three strikes on Grand Theft Auto and he should be out, but instead, he's out here,  having finagled his way out of felony prosecution -- one of them one of them federal, when he was in the Army and stole a car from an Army base. Add to that, an unregistered gun, and blah blah blah.

And then he used his intimate family knowledge of car theft (he and his brother -- both GTA veterans) to get amazingly rich by inventing a car alarm, so loud and obnoxious that, even though it was legal, he should have been tarred and feathered for it -- that was HIS voice, the one we could hear 9 blocks away at 4AM sternly shouting "STEP AWAY FROM THE CAR!"  

A crook. A small-time crook who graduated to become a BIG TIME crook --- so good at getting away as a thief, even when he's caught, now he's a congressman (BIG TIME theft).

To be fair, he's very smart, smart enough to blind 'em with bullshit when he gets caught.

Today, he chaired a panel on women's health as it concerns contraception.

All men.

And then refused to allow a woman who was present to testify about women's health effects, including women who need to use the contraception, not to prevent pregnancy, but to keep their reproductive system from disease.

Oh he was fair -- one of the men on the all-male panel was a rabbi.
But no women allowed to testify about what such things mean to a woman's health.

He's always been a nasty vicious low level subhuman scumbag, but today, he set a new low, even for him.

He's a congressman, meaning up for election every 2 years, like this year -- California's 49th District -- northern San Diego County, Southern Riverside County -- includes Temecula, Perris, Fallbrook, andf the US Marine bases at Oceanside and Camp Pendleton, etc.

Women Marines, take note and vote.
Male Marines -- not like you don't have an interest in this, too.


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