About that lowlife Mick* who raised the art of low-class disrespect to new heights in the White House Rose Garden...

... throwing down on our president with a loaded question about how come you favor foreigners over Americans?

Yeah, the funny thing about that guy -- Neil Munro** -- was that he himself is an immigrant, an Irish foreigner who came here because -- I'm supposing -- the silicon famine of the 90's.  He even told people he was a foreigner, without seeming to notice the irony and hypocrisy of the way he was pretending to be an actual journalist.

Interesting -- in the 80's and 90's the SECOND largest group of illegal immigrants was the Irish, visiting Canada without need for a visa, waving the UK flag, then sneaking across the unguarded border into the USA.***

And now he works for Tucker Carlson, that fop who lies about beating up a gay man in a men's room, as if that's something to be proud of. 


*I wonder how many people whose forebears came from that land of poetry and music gritted their teeth and muttered about how it doesn't matter what they do, there's always some asshole who re-establishes proof of the old stereotype that bigots use to justify their anti-Irish vilifying. 

**Neil Munro -- not to be confused with that ACTUAL journalist from Scotland who died in 1930, nor the playwright.  Just look at his photo -- I've seen truculent assholes just like him -- although without a necktie -- drunk and in shorts on rugby pitches in London. And we've all seen them on TV in the stands as the football riots begin.

***In the 90's, California governor Pete Wilson whose career was distinguished by being the only Mayor of  San Diego -- which he was prior to running for governor -- to leave that office without being indicted. 
In 1994 he backed a remarkably racist state Proposition (Prop 187) aimed at legalizing the right to harass brown-skinned Native Americans who might have come from South of the border. 
When someone asked me if I would vote for it, I mentioned the many thousand Irish illegals taking jobs away from Americans in New York State and Massachusetts and said: "The day the state police throw him up against the side of his limo and shout 'You look like a goddamned bogtrotter to me so let's see some proof of citizenship,' " I'll think about voting for it.


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