Bud Platinum has a tv ad that rattles the cognitive-dissonance cage.

Starts off like this:

"They say a man's work is never done..."

No, they don't. 

What they say is this:

"A man must work from sun to sun
but a woman's work is never done."

But then they say: "It's a good thing these guys don't believe that," (that being that man's work is never done) and show a bunch of office workers swilling light beer in the office and dancing and yelling and molesting the secretaries.


I know this is an election year, but really -- how much Bud do you have to drink (or how much bud do you have to smoke) to get that mixed up?

"Ahh, Manny, don't worry about it -- they (our demographic) won't know the difference.They're morons."

I guess that demographic doesn't really trend toward women.


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