Every time I see Mitt Romney on TV...

I think of a comment made by the late Howard Gossage at Trader Vic's one evening long long ago:
"That man is trying to work his way up to being a horse's ass...   But he hasn't got what it takes."
When I see Paul Ryan ("Young Ryan hath a lean and hungry look..."), I think of sociopaths... Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Vlad Tepes, Josef Stalin
...but it's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a sociopath (no recognizable conscience, no empathy for other humans -- the only apparent recognition of others' needs or feelings is fabricated to get what he or she wants -- money, power, votes) and a psychopathic true believer (God told me to do this so who are you to defy me?)
It's difficult to say, because this young man used to say "Ayn Rand was the most wonderful woman who ever lived and she told me to do this so who are you to defy me?" -- or at least he did until his other masters -- the jolly old pedophiles of the Roman Catholic Church told him --
"SHE WAS AN ATHEIST! So you can NOT tell anyone that she ever said anything worth hearing."

And he dumped her -- What a skank, that bitch, that horrible woman.

But that's just what it looks like to me -- I could be wrong. 

ADD -- since writing this, I have seen several articles which include Ayn Rand in their lists of sociopaths, based on apparent lack of compassion for others.

Addendum the second: After reading about Ryan's claim to having been a marathon runner saying his best time was "2 hours and fifty-something" and having been checked by Runner's World, it turned out he ran ONE marathon and finished it in OVER 4 hours, I have resolved my confusion (above) and come down definitely on the side of HE'S A SOCIOPATH who will lie about ANYTHING to impress, manipulate, or coerce whoever he's talking to at the moment.


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