Funny that the Bush people would want to bring up Adolf Hitler...

As far as I know, neither John Kerry nor his forebears have any link (collaborative or otherwise) to Adolf Hitler and/or the Third Reich, despite the fact that pro-Bush/anti-Kerry ads feature Der Fuehrer's face in their montage-errific "Coalition of the Wild-Eyed"

Curious because the first big pile of loot that ultimately got the soul-deficient Monkey Boy into the White House was stacked up by George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush jointly selling bonds for Uncle Adolf (as he's called in the privacy of the Crawford Ranch). Ok, I just made that last parenthetical part up. I don't know if they refer to him at all and if so, what they might call him. The rest, however, is factually and publicly verifiable.

The grandperes not only funnelled huge amounts of American dollars into Hitler's sticky fingers, they continued to do so for about 10 months after we were at war with Germany, sending money to the Wehrmacht to buy bullets to shoot our soldiers. It took denunciation and action by congress to stop them from their game. (And their people point to those who disagree with them and denounce us as traitors! Boy! Talk about the reformed whore who accuses everyone else of lasciviousness!)

Even more exceptional is the fact that it was young Dubya himself who ran the 11 former SS men hired as "ethnic consultants" for Poppy's presidential re-election bid. And wait! Karl Roverer's grandfather was the engineer who designed and built the Birkenau portion of the three-part concentration camp at Auschwitz. (That was the section with the gas chambers.) So maybe people who lived in the glass houses of our enemies shouldn't be throwing accusatory stones at other people's patriotism.

There's a term Ibsen used in the play Ghosts -- the word is vermoulu -- worm-eaten from birth. It is applied to the young protagonist, Osvald Alving, whose father, the Captain, apparently had syphilis.

The interesting similarity, even beyond the obvious, is how young Osvald sits at the end of the play, unable to do anything but stare blankly into the sun, much like Dubya did in those seven minutes after being told the second plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. With Osvald, it is supposed to mean that the worms have gone too far, eaten too much of the brain for him to ever function.

(Hey -- I don't pretend to be objective. You want an apologist for everyone on the right? There are blog-writers out there with their noses pushed so far up the asses of the Republican Right, those GOP farts obviously smell like the morning breeze to them. And just to be at least minimally objective, to show I'm not just singling out the current boil on the ass of America, I am more than willing to point of that JFK's dad, Joe Kennedy, in addition to the hard work of murder and bootlegging, also stacked up the family fortune with Hitler-financing. Henry Ford, on the other hand, made it here in the US of A -- he just gave it to the Nazi's. Lucky Lindy, too.

Some old country homily comes to mind that when you point at someone else, there are three fingers pointing back at you. Achtung, Herr Monkey Boy.


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