With the Clinton memoir now out, I recall a prediction I made

I wrote and published this in May of 2001 (yes, before the day that shall live in every Republican press release until the end of time, although it sort of escapes me why these people want to keep bragging about having been asleep at the wheel and letting a whole bunch of citizens get whacked). And I thought about it again, as crowds line up for hours to spend 30 seconds in the proximity of Bill Clinton.

Monkey Boy's election and coronation put an image in my mind back then which still flashes by intermittently:

Bill Clinton is watching an episode of "I Claudius," the same scene, over and over. The scene is the one where Tiberius, widely and publicly castigated as a sexual degenerate, is sick and about to die. He looks up from his bed at Caligula and says, "With you as emperor, they'll make me a god within a year." And Tiberius laughs. And Bill Clinton laughs. The rest of us may find it a little more difficult to laugh


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